Stream Alert Dashboard to Google Nest Based Cards Appearing

Hi All,

So I’m really new to this Home Assistant thing and starting to go down the rabbit hole of setting up alerts and dashboards. At this point, I’m trying to figure out the logic of streaming one of my alert dashboards to a Google Nest Hub device based on whether or not there are cards appearing on that dashboard.

For example, if my front door is locked or garage door is closed, there are no conditional cards appearing on the alerts dashboard. However, if one of those is unlocked or open, then the relevant card will appear on my alert dashboard. What I’d like to do is stream that alert dashboard to my Google Nest Hub in my kitchen when any conditional cards appear on that dashboard, but stop streaming to the Google device when there are no alert cards left on the dashboard.

I’ve got a script started to stream to the Google device, which works, however I am trying to figure out the logic behind the dashboard cards and turning on and off the streaming using that logic. Has anyone done anything like this?

Thanks in advance,