Stream feature request

Please add the configuration option to move ‘Preload stream’ in the live video feed from the upper right corner to an alternate corner.

My D-Link cameras put the time in the upper right, which cannot be configured to an alternate screen location. Thus, the stream component ‘Preload stream’ checkbox overwrites the time.

I’d go further. I’d say it would be even better if the box (or some other form of it) could “pop up” when the cursor hovers over the live feed (or whatever the equivalent is on systems without a mouse.) Or maybe put it in the “title bar.” That way it’s not “in the way” unless you need to change the setting.

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Even the option to move to bottom right instead of top right would probably allow pretty much evryone to move it out of the way. For me it blocks the timestamp of every camera stream and is a real nuisance.