Stream music on HA using RPi-connected speaker

Hi y’all,

I’ve recently installed HA Supervised 2021.2.3. and been trying to stream radio (http links/mp3) using media_player. The main issue is that I don’t know how to declare my non-smart speaker among the entity_id list so it acts as the output source.

Things i’ve already configured and work well:

  1. my Spotify plugin outputs to my speaker.
  2. my Rhasspy docker container uses ALSA as audio output and thus outputs to my speaker.
  3. Rhasspy also sends intents/scripts to HA which calls media_player.spotify to play playlists or change volume etc, and that outputs to my speaker as well.

I have a Marshall speaker connected to the jack of my RPi. Do I need a media player (e.g. VLC) to bridge the gap (knowing that i’m streaming content)?
I didn’t find docs online that might resolve this issue so any help is much appreciated!

— Tony

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