Struggling to add a Xiaomi S5 Max to home assistant


So I have had my S5 running for several years, and I decided to get a new one so that I can have one on each floor.

So I bought a new S5 Max, after some hazzle I managed to get the token using an old version of the xiaomi app using bluestacks on windows. However it just wont connect.

In my HA config I have:

  • platform: xiaomi_miio

    name: s5


    token: !secret xiaomi_vacuum

  • platform: xiaomi_miio

    name: s5max


    token: !secret xiaomi_vacuums5max’

In my HA log I get: Update of vacuum.s5max is taking over 10 seconds

Is there a known issue with S5 max?

Did you get this to work ?

I dont want to update mine to firmware 3.5.8_0780 if is gets problem

Yes. I just had to try a few times :smiley: Works like a charm here now

did you use the old mi home app to get the token?