Struggling with Friendly names [SOLVED]

Oops! Nevermind – I needed to restart HA, not just reload the files…

Hi all,

I am really enjoying this so far. The backend is pretty straightforward, but as always I struggle with visualization. My current problem:

I would like a switch to show up with a friendly name. The switch is:
# Arduino switch for garden valve five
- platform: mqtt
name: “In5”
command_topic: “valveFive”
retain: true
payload_on: “1”
payload_off: “0”
icon: mdi:water

I have added (deleted the lines in between):
  # Customization file -- SPK: take out for now
#  customize: !include customize.yaml
      friendly_name: 'Valve 5'

But in the front end it still shows as In5. I can change it in the Developer tools / states, and it will show Valve 5, but I really want to keep everything in yaml. Does anyone see what I am doing wrong?


I think that’s actually one of the very few occasions where a ‘Reload Core’ does that trick - instead of completely having to restart HA.