Stuck on preparing Home Assitant for over 2 hours

There is an error in the setup

23-06-08 14:40:56 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for IssueType.DNS_SERVER_IPV6_ERROR/ContextType.DNS_SERVER

How do I fix it?

Do you have IP6 enabled on HA? If so does your home network have IP6 enabled as well?

It appears the IP6 is looking for a DNS server and can’t find one.

The naming on some of those scripts are just badly chosen.
That script most likely checks for DNS errors and it is just the name of the script not the result of the check. The INFO text in the beginning of the line also state that.

Run ha info resolution and see the result there, but it could just be issues on the internet. GitHub is known for having periods of drop outs and the installation needs to download code from there a lot.
The issues are normally fixed within hours, but more than a day have been seen also.