Student response system


I am a teacher, I am looking to create a student response system for my classroom. To have a 4 button A B C D controller. To be fixed to each desk. One per student. The wireless connect to software to keep track of students answer. Hoping to make it solar powered.

Any ideas where to start, thanks?

I think the solar is what might trip you up unless you intend on building an ESP device for each desk with a solar panel, battery and the extra charging hardware you need for the task. There are some good Z-Wave battery operated devices that will last quite a while that you could easily incorporate, but I’m not sure having 20+ people all hitting a Z-Wave button at the same time is going to be particularly responsive on HomeAssistant, even on Wifi you might need more horsepower than say a rPi 4.

A tad vague…

DIY or Off-the-shelf?
What is the budget for how many students?

Why are you looking into something like this, when there are already off-the-shelf solutions that don’t have to go through home assistant?