Stuff are happening and I don't know the reason - is there an Events log where I can track the root causes?


I’m using Broadlink RM mini3 for 2 airco and 1 Xiaomi IR remote for the third
Suddenly 2 aircos stopped working (one controlled by one of the RM mini and one controlled by the Xiaomi)

Nobody touched their remotes, it suddenly happened.
I have a xiaomi magnetic door sensor on both so I know the time it changed from open to close, but obviously this ‘status entity’ can’t tell me who triggered the AC off command.
I tried looking on the ‘remote’ entity in each of those rooms and there are no events tracked there.
The home assistant log doesn’t help either.

Where can I see (if there’s any) a trace back of the remote.send_commands services and who called it?


I don’t think you can. The Broadlink is the device integrated with HA, not the aircos, so any history relates solely to that (on/off, basically). If you configure switches instead of using remote.send_command, they will appear in History. If you’re using the Broadlink in automations you may be able to glean some information from Trace.

Thanks for your reply.
So if I’ll wrap the remote.send_command in a switch (and always use that switch rather the raw service), I’ll see history log for that switch, makes sense.

Regarding the first part of your comment, I know the broadlink is the one integrated with HA, I was just wondering if I can find where the calls to remote.send_command are logged… I guess it’s not…