Suddenly broken instance, no longer working

Hi there,

i had now running for a long long time.
It was perfectly for my scenario.

This morning, the lights were no longer reacting and Alexa was also not able to find any of my devices.

So I checked the web interface but it is no longer reachable.
Ping the PI works fine.
Also a restart of the PI did not solve the issue.
Also SSH is no longer working.

I do can access the SD card still via Mac, but as all is in containers, I am not able to say where the config file is to see where the issue could be etc.

Any ideas what I can do ?
Is there a way, as I worked with snapshots how to access them ? My last manual backup is very very old…

Please Help, its very strange that no automation is working etc.

Oh and of course I did not changed anything before, i updates last time 4 weeks ago or so.
But to be hones, I am not quite sure in what version I am.


How are you powering it? Is the red power LED on solid, or does it blink?

Its solid on.

If I hook it up to a screen, I just the white background with the blue hassio icon.

Are you using the SSH add-on in hassio?

It’s strange that you can ping it but you can’t SSH into it. I’m not exactly sure if it works this way but if Hassio stops working and you use the SSH add-on then does that also kill your SSH connectivity?

Yes I use the add-on.
I think the add-on does start after the main docker container started, maybe there is the issue. Kind of, do not know where or what the issue is here.

Meanwhile I did a clean install and used an old backup configuration, with a new sd.
I still would like to know what happened here.

I think your circumstance showed a flaw in the use of Hassio with it’s unusual OS and needing to use add-ons for everything. If Hassio becomes un-operational then the whole system crashes with no way to actually trouble shoot until you rebuild your system.

At least with installing HA in a “normal” OS then there is hope of trying to figure out what went wrong and salvaging at least your configuration (for those who haven’t made a recent backup).

Yes, sounds like that.
I was using the internal backup solution, but with noch access to even that, it is useless.

Strange, I have to reconfigure a lot as we the current version, not all is still back up and working as before.