Suggestion for air, soil and humidity senors that is water proof

Do anyone have a reliable suggestion for a low profile air temp, soil temp and moisture, as well as air moisture sensor that is not Mi-Flora or BT connection. I had enough issues with Mi Flora disconnecting and acting strange. It will be used in a terrarium, so something in zwave or zigbee-range would be the best.

my Mi-Flora has not mis a beat well its only about 2 mtr form the BT

What kind of tracker are you using ? Here are my measurements with an esp32 :

I easily reach 5m without obstacle.

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I use a RFXcom sensor that has been working flawlessly.

Super happy with Range and reliability of all my rfx sensors. The range is insane… One of mine is several floors up on the roof, solar powered, and works 24x7. (has battery that charges)