Suggestion: option for dashboard cards to have a shareable link

request that lovelace cards be shareable via generating a shared hyperlink.
IE: in the dashboard edit mode, there are the 3 dot option menu. add a menu item to generate a hyperlink to this card item to be accessed from any browser; & also also adding a feature attribute which gives the shared card read only (light status only) vs interactive access (lights on/off).

I know some people would rather just go to a lovelace user account or a custom dashboard. This is for quick and easy instances where you only want to share one card and this would accomplish this goal quickly and easy. ideal for a tablet to view status or a graph vs time

Neat idea, but then is the dashboard just public for anyone on your LAN? Imo, it’s much easier to create a new view and add the card to display and the users I want to have access to it.