Suggestions for an automatic video recording setup

Basically, I want to start & stop recording video based on a break-beam sensor.

Walk through the doorway, recording starts. Walk back through the doorway, recording stops.


Yes possible.
Its dependant on a couple of things:

  • IR Beam that can integrate into HA
  • The video service you want to use, this has to be controllable by HA too.

As sean said, if you have a beam sensor and a video NVR/service both already integrated into HA, this would be a relatively simple automation

Caveat #1 … the issue with a beam sensor is that its off or on. It doesnt know if you are coming or going.

I have seen creative solutions that use 2/3 beam sensors, and use the order they are triggered in to determine direction, but that doesnt work in every scenario as you need to be able to mount them far enough apart that they trigger seperately.

if beam sensor goes from off → on, start recording

Caveat #2 — can you just record all the time, or set your camera to record with motion ?