Sunrise is wrong

Hello to all Friends of fantastic Homeassistant,

since yesterday Sunrise - time is wrong at my Homeassistant, running half a year on Raspi 3+ and was ok till now.

UTC and timezone is ok, location is correct. i also made an update with restart of HA now but it is still the same:

Real sunrise is 6:58 (not 7:56), also dawn is wrong but strangely sunset and dusk are right.
Please any ideas whats going wrong ?

( have some important automations running at sunrise ;-))

Summertime is about to start this weekend?

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No its not.

So you know where I live then, do you? The question mark was there because not all countries follow the same rules. But where I live summertime starts march 27 at 2:00. And the poster seems to speak German, so I’m pretty sure the OP will need to adust his manual clocks same as me.

I guess for you @nickrout “Winter Is Coming” :grinning:

To paraphrase Douglas Adams: HA is definitive. Reality is frequently inaccurate.

Since it’s really important, use an offset in your sunrise until you figure it out


What Edwin says.
We go to summertime in EU this night, so next sunrise will actually happen 1h later than today, as far as local time goes.

Sorry I didn’t see the question mark. Therefore I thought it was you who were presuming location :slight_smile:

You are right, I am in the Southern hemisphere. Here in NZ we don’t switch off summer time until April.

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