Super Sensors and Power Meter

Hi there!

I’m a new Home Assistant enthusiast and happens to be that I’m also CEO of a startup ( manufacturing custom hardware and AI models for elderly people monitoring. I have been thinking these days about integrating our devices with Home Assistant since I think it can provide a great benefit to people like us, but I would like to know your opinion before going into this new project.

Just for you to understand, we have designed a custom gateway based on Raspberry PI with a Silicon Labs’ ZigBee transceiver with a built-in power meter based on Atmel M90E36A. Our other devices, we call them “super sensors”, are also based on the ZigBee transceiver, and have a built-in PIR, Temperature, Humidity, Luminosity, Accelerometer, and IR emitter (for commanding AC, TVs, and other devices). It runs with a 5200mAh USB rechargeable battery for more than a year.

The magic comes from our AI pre-trained models. By analyzing all the data from all the super sensors (one in every room of the house) and the power meter, we can extract high-level people’s habits. From tracking habitants’ movements to counting them, sleeping habits, showering, cooking, lights usage, detecting AC or heater devices, fire, and many many other “thinkers”.

I think the benefit would be incorporating to Home Assistant not only the raw data from sensors but also the output from our AI models, so we can program very intelligent scenes based on people’s habits without having to deal with AI. Just imagine a new sensor called “# of people at home”, or “everyone is sleeping” :wink:

What do you guys think? Just to be clear, my intention is not to make money from this community but just to have more people testing the product, more anonymous data to train our algorithms, and increasing our manufacturing batches to reduce the price.

Thank you!

Sounds very interesting. On what platforms will the products be offered?

Do you mean the platform for selling the devices? I have not thought about it, but it could be kickstarter, indiegogo. Makes that sense?