SuperBox Integration Coming?

Is anyone familiar with a SuperBox? It’s a fantastic IPTV box. if you want to look at it. Anyway, when I bought mine I thought for sure I would find an integration in HACS for it. But didn’t see anything at all. I feel like I can’t be the only one who would love to see this happen. I can even install Home Assistant on the SuperBox and access my dashboards on my TV with it. Would be great if someone could marry the two.

To me that site just reek of a scam.

  • Only contact options seems to be a form on the homepage or a mail address.
  • Their privacy statement is a copy/paste standard from the internet where they have not bothered to replace the fields that the standard form marked out.
  • Lots of pay-per-view channels for free.
  • A FAQ section that have repeated lines, text that indicate lack of understanding basic technology terms.
  • A certificate from Super Media Technology, but hardly no information about that company on the internet. There is a LinkedIn profile from Hong Kong and a inactive Belize based company.