Supervised HASS installation fails due to mac randomizer in Network Manager

I’m following this guide in order to install HASS Supervised.

However, when executing
sudo bash --machine raspberrypi3
the NetworkManager.conf is being changed, no matter if I hit yes or no when asked if the configuration should be overwritten.
As soon as I hit enter, I get thrown out of my xrdp session because nwcli will randomize the device mac address and get a new IP by my router.

I have tried putting


in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf, but that’s being replaced again. Setting a static address also didn’t work.

Due to the IP change, the Pi will lose Internet connection for a bit and deem the supervised installer as not reachable and abort. After each attempt I also have to manually reboot the Pi because I can no longer connect via xrdp. Where am I going wrong here?