Supervisor and OS on Dev version, how to go to stable version?


I had recently to install a Dev version of HA OS to test a new driver for a network device.

I tried to update OS to a stable version 'ha os updated says there is no new version.

Até the same time, I’ve just realised that I ended up with a Dev version of supervisor. I says there is a new stable version, but when I try to install it, it also says there is no new version (see pic).

How can I go back to stable versions of OS and Supervisor?

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Just going to pop this here for anyone seeking for this answer, I was not able to find the answer but eventually figured it out. always backup first!

In order to change over to dev in the first place you needed to enter this command:

ha supervisor options --channel dev

to go back to stable, enter this command:

ha supervisor options --channel stable

this will then allow you to update to stable releases.