Supervisor - list docker container details

It would be really useful to have a list of the current docker containers in the UI. Perhaps the output of ha su info could be included as a tab.

The command ha su info could also include the container ID etc available from the base OS via docker container ls.

Use case is looking at netdata output - it lists the container id not the container name.

just install the portainer add on…

But that is additional overhead disproportionate to the need.

The target market for home assistant supervised is for people who don’t understand docker. Adding something like that will confuse them. Keeping it separated in portainer is the best of both worlds. People who want to manage the docker containers can, with portainer. I understand the reasoning for your request but I highly doubt you’ll get votes. You have a solution that’s available right now and will give you that information. And the overhead on portainer is minimal.

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Exactly my point. I don’t understand Docker really, but I do understand when looking at netdata output, that each container is using resources. Unfortunately, netdata is only showing me the Conatiner ID. I can get the IDs by using the ls command, but it would be easier if I could see that detail in the UI.

Why do I want that? I want to see if a particular add-on is having an impact on resources.

I installed Portainer and had a look around. I didn’t find the Container IDs listed. TBH, it make me nervous navigating round a UI that I do not understand, and one that could completely goose my system when all I need is a simple bit of info!

Thanks for your interest.

I don’t know if it’s the same “container ID” that you are wanting to see but if you click on the container name in Portainer it lists the container id at the top under “container status”.

Could be, I was just really nervous about clicking on the wrong thing!

In case anyone finds this via search, you can list the containers in a nice format from the command line using ps

sudo docker ps --format "table {{.ID}}\t{{.Names}}"


Even better from the helpful folk at StackExchange

echo ] | (sudo docker ps --format "{ {{json .ID}} : {{json .Names}} }" | paste -sd',' && cat) | (echo [ && cat)

if you want all the info available

echo ] | (sudo docker ps --format "{{json .}}" | paste -sd',' && cat) | (echo [ && cat)

This worked like a dream - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

For anyone else finding this post this is the procedure I followed:

Installed SSH & Web Terminal add-on and setup. Disabled protection mode temporarily. Open the web UI and paste:

echo ] | (sudo docker ps --format "{ {{json .ID}} : {{json .Names}} }" | paste -sd',' && cat) | (echo [ && cat)

Find the one with esphome in the name e.g. addon_5cxxxe3b_esphome then execute:

docker exec -it addon_5cxxxe3b_esphome bash

Type ls for list of directories - you should see /config/ and /data/ then type:

cd /data/esp32-mycode/.pioenvs/esp32-mycode/ where esp32-mycode is the name of your esphome device (use ls again if unsure to look at the options)

then execute this to copy the firmware file to the /config/ directory:

cp firmware.elf /config/

The config directory is synced with the home assistant one so if you view the normal file browser add-on for HASS you should see the firmware.elf file and be able to download it from there.

Thanks again!