Supervisor unhealthy installation. Cant update and can not install addons


First off i don’t know if i got the correct category but here goes.

a week or so ago i had to do a fresh install off hassio and i’ve got some things set up. Please note i am dumb and did not make any snapshots.

Today i wanted to continue working on it so i tried to install NodeRed but when i click install, nothing happens. After a bit off googling i found out that i can not install any addons and found out the problem is likely supervisor.

Going into System i can see there is an update available for it (running 2021.01.6) but when i click update, nothing happens there either. Furthermore it says my installation is unhealthy and if i click on it it says that supervisor was not able to update.

I feel like i am stuck and i really have no clue how to procede.

Error codes:
21-04-05 11:36:50 WARNING (MainThread) [] ‘AddonManager.install’ blocked from execution, no host internet connection
21-04-05 11:37:12 WARNING (MainThread) [] Can’t update connectivity information: Error: Timeout was reached

Go to the Supervisor system page and make sure your network DNS settings are correct.

Thanks! i had to switch IPv4 from static to DHCP and that fixed it .

Make sure you reserve that IP address for Home Assistant in your router. Otherwise it may change and things will stop working.