Supervisor update - internal server error 500 and losing my sh*t

For the past day I have been desperately trying to make this go away to no avail.

I am using a RPi4 and this method Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant

I am good with computers by average person standards but not an expert. I am currently able to access HA through my computer and phone. At one point during the installation, I was told that something was “unhealthy” and read online to set that to ignore. I was not able to figure out WHAT was unhealthy and WHY.

Getting to the Addon Store was a struggle but that issue inexplicably randomly went away.

So far, I have tried:

1: Changing the DNS through the app and through the NMCLI to: my router, the RPI, the DNS in my router’s settings,,,, and also deleting all of the DNS settings.

2: Creating a wifi connection. This works to get to the addon store but it does not let me update the supervisor.

3: Replugging in the ethernet connection.

  1. Resetting the router 2x

  2. Turning everything on and off again multiple times

6: Checking the HA app date and time is correct (it is)

  1. Turning off my router’s firewall

  2. Pinging the HA IP from my router (it works)


DO NOT IGNORE those messages. I ran through, on the CLI screen, the commands supervisor update and supervisor repair a number of times.

For no clear reason at all the system suddenly decided to cooperate when it didn’t for hours before this.