Supply HASSio image as a Zip File


By adding the HASSio image as a zip file, as well as xz will allow ChromeOS to create the HASSio image via the ChromeOS recovery tools and simplify installation.


Etcher is able to handle to .xz files, too.


Etcher is not available for Chrome OS. Chrome OS recovery tool can only handle ZIP


I know. But if the images are provided as .xz you can use both Chrome OS or Etcher to create the SD card


You have to use convert the .xy to .zip on Chrome OS before you can create an SD image . You have to unzip the .xy to get the .img file then rezip to a .zip

The only tool available on Chrome OS computers is the Chrome OS Recovery tool that can only see .zip files . If the HassIO image was supplied as a ZIp it would work for Windows , Mac , Linux and Chrome OS


Did this ever happen? Or does anyone hat the image file as a zip file. I’m in this boat…slightly older device so I can’t use the playstore on it and I would like a .zip file.


No. I Think Chrome OS users are 0.01% of the user base :slight_smile:

There ore some online converters, but I never had any joy using them.