Support for Eufy RoboVac or Smart Bulbs?

Hey @mjg59, im a student in Honduras, and im trying to make a little app to turn on or off a Eufy Bulb but i cant find any documentation or api for any Eufy product. How do found the way for connecting HA to a Eufy Bulb? Thanks! :smiley:

mjg59, I have the smart plug (linked above), so let me know if I can provide any assistance or some form of testing. Happy to help, if at all possible.


I recently purchased some Eufy bulbs for a chandelier that I have in my dining room (5 bulbs). This would be awesome to have. How close are you to having this ready @mjg59?

I’m still waiting for permission to release the code - I’m trying to get it done via a separate process at the moment. Sorry it’s taking so long!

Ok this code is now up at - I’ll look at integrating it into HA this weekend

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Ok, works here. You’ll need configuration like:

  - platform: eufy
    username: [email protected]
    password: Passw0rd

so that the access credentials can be pulled down from the cloud service. Right now this will only work for lights and may go quite wrong if you have any switches or vacuums on your account, but I’ll try to sort that out before too long.

Fantastic! Thanks for the update.

I don’t mean to be dense, but is it active now in the current version as a custom component or will it be included in the upcoming release?

I need to handle a couple of corner cases and write the docs, but I’ll be submitting it for inclusion


Thanks for the light modification! How difficult would it be to enable the switches and plugs made by Eufy? I’ve been looking at the file for the lights, and realizing I don’t know enough python to try this myself, at least right now…

Thanks again!

Is the component active now in .66? I was looking for it in the release docs, but didn’t see it. Figured that it required a little more for inclusion into potentially .67.

I got switches working today, so I just need to unify the platform and add components for switches and lights and this will be good to go. No idea about vacuums though, I’m afraid!

Excellent news! Any chance the energy monitoring smart plug might be easy to add? I’m pretty sure the answer is “no”, but had to ask!

[Link above in thread]

Easy to add the switching aspect of it, the energy monitoring side looks trickier

Good to hear about the switching, and completely understandable about the energy monitoring. Thanks! is the PR for basic bulb and switch support

This was merged, 0.68 will support Eufy bulbs and switches


Fantastic news! Thanks for all the work you put into this!

I’m having issues related to this component in .68. Do you want us to post errors here or on the reporting tool (or both)?

I have reverse-engineered the python-lakeside library into a nodejs library if people would like to use it

I literally just pushed it, and only tested it on a lightbulb
PR’s are welcome to get the full functionality of the original python library