Support for Hama wifi socket strip?


does anyone knows if there is support for the hama wifi socket strip?


I think it is a tuya device. See if you can link it to the tuya or smart life app.

Can’t test it wanted to know it before i’m buying it for about 40€ :slight_smile:

Not sure if should try it with wifi or going the safer route with a normal power strip + zigbee plugs. The costs seems to be the same.

The Hama Power Strip (00176574) ist supportet by Tasmota, BUT you have to open ist, solder wires to the board and flash it via USB-serial.

I would use the Gosund P1 Smart Power Strip, which can be converted with Tuya-convert. Unfortunately this one has’t the power-monitoring.

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Happy holidays!

Just in case someone else is wondering, I’ve been able to implement this device into HA. I haven’t opened it, haven’t soldered anything, all I did was delete it from the Hama App, get it into the Smart Life App, from which it can then be imported into the Tuya IoT developper environment. There are tutorials on how to do this, I followed the one from Simon42 (German) on youtube. From that point on it could be found in the LocalTuya integration, and all you need to do is configure it properly.

When setting up the device in HA, I first was only able to control the first outlet, but when clicking on “Configure” of the LocalTuya integration, you can select “edit device” and then select the Power Strip. On the next screen " Configure Tuya device", all the way at the bottom, select “Add more entities in ‘edit device’ mode” and click Next (or send, dunno what the English version says).

As “platform”, you select “switch”, click Next again. Elements 1 through 4 are the power outlets, 7 was the USB outlet for me. Select the one you want to configure, continue and deselect the option on the next screen that (I don’t have the exact wording) basically says you don’t want to add more devices, and repeat the last steps until you have all the elements configured. There are a few more entities (101 to 105) which I haven’t been able to figure out yet, but frankly don’t really care, as the basic functionality of controlling the essential power strip functions are all I need. The main switch on the strip that shuts everything off at once is something I also wasn’t able to figure out, but it’s not something I need in HA, more of a manual thing for my needs anyways.

Once all the elements were added, I had to restart HA to activate them, and make sure you exit the Smart Life App, it may interfere with being able to access the device.

Once the device was fully working under HA, I deactivated its internet access in my router and this device is now no longer calling home and can only be reached through my HA, as an added bonus.

Hope this helps!


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Hi defilor, your way of solution worked out absolutely fine to me. Even better: HA automatically recognized each plug individually right away. Just great! Thanks for sharing.