Support for ZST39 LR

Any plans yet to support the Zooz ZST39 LR stick yet?

LR support would be implemented by the driver software, not HA. It is not yet supported. I’m sure eventually it will.

HA may need to be updated to choose LR or normal inclusion.

I (perhaps over-eagerly) set up HA in a VM & bought one of these sticks to replace my failing Vera Plus, thinking “I should get the latest one”. I have been taking the HA crash course over the past week.

It’s been mostly good – I had to manually add the ZSE39, and it shows up as an unknown controller (as expected). I am noticing that in my ~55 device setup, I get dead nodes a few times a day that have to be woken up by pinging…not unlike what was experienced by the folks with the 700-series controllers with the original firmware. Maybe it’s the stick? Maybe it’s my network? I’ve added in one of the dead node auto-ping automations from this forum, hoping that will hack around it until I get a better idea.

Other mistake (perhaps) is that I didn’t start with zwave-js-ui to begin with. The prospect of migrating 55 devices over seems daunting to me, so holding off until I learn more.

Thanks for the update, sounds like it’s still too early to make the transition from a working ZST10-100. The real motivator there, for me at least, was trying to see if I would get better range to 700 series devices.

FWIW I would recommend the install of zwave-js-ui add-on for anyone. Being able to troubleshoot the network with this has been essential to me (unless your network is already mature I guess). Would you be able to take your S2 keys over to a new install of the addon and re-interrogate your devices?

Hope to hear more as the ZST39 support evolves!


I was able to get zwave-js-ui to start interviewing the devices by copying the keys over, but it wasn’t clear that the metadata persisted between the two — Overview page just showed everything grayed out. So I reverted back to the safer stock UI, figuring I’d give it another try later. I am at least encouraged by some of the documentation that says everything should transfer if the proper steps are followed.

As a DIY tinkerer, I am absolutely loving this platform. But I have to remember that it took me quite a while to learn the idiosyncracies and language of the previous ones (Vera, and before that X-10!).

I ordered a ZST39 back in January when I was rebuilding my instance and wasn’t sure if it was even real or if I was getting scammed since it doesn’t exist in the zooz website, but zwave alliance knows what it is and it was only like 20 bucks so I wanted to try it.

I’ve had almost no drama at all out this controller. It showed up as unknown controller when I first installed it, but it’s been recognized correctly in an updated since then. It’s fast enough that I can’t perceive any delay and I haven’t had any meaningful issues with it.

I have 15 other nodes on my network, and I do have them drop into “unavailable” occasionally, about once a week one of the nodes dies, though its a little hard to know how often it happens because the keep-alive-ping hack works so well that I don’t even notice it. My last controller was the z-wave/zigbee combo stick, though so I’m used to it anyway.

Has anyone had any other issues with this unit? I don’t have a very large network (yet) and I’d like to know if anyone has encountered problems like the 700s had before the firmware fix (and apparently for some even after) with excessive network traffic. I have a Aeotec 500 (ZW090-A) lying around and that seems to be the one that most people agree doesn’t have any issues, but I’d need to be convinced to lose access to the somewhat wild range increase since I want to put a contact sensor on my mailbox.

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Sorry little late here.

I had an ISY with Z wave before I just had a couple door locks. I added some fan switches which were Z-wave, and some motion lights and once I started adding those I updated to this controller. My ISY was never a great solution, and part of the reason I bought this is my locks were always a little flaky with it. I can now say with the LR that my Z wave portion of my network is absolutely rock solid.

If you are using Z-Wave JS, you are not using Long Range. However, you may still benefit from the improved range provided by 800-series devices.

Do tell me more please.

Do you have to go to JSUI for LR?

It’s not supported.