Support Xiaomi BLE Temp & humid sensor via XIaomi Bluetooth gateway (yeelight bedside lamp)

Hi there,
Is there a way to integrate this device (temp + humid sensor with LCD):

with Home Asssistant in case the device is paired with Xiaomi (yeelight) bedside lamp that acts also as a hub for Xiaomi Bluetooth devices? I mean this thing here:

Here’s a bit more about it:

Normally this device (temp+humid sensor) can be added via HA

component, but I’d like to also have a possibility to have the temperature from it th be available in HA via reading the gateway/hub lamp which is WiFI enabled.

The reason for this support is very simple. Bluetooth range is quite low. Especially within a house and when HA server with its USB-Bluetooth dongle is far away. But pairing it with this gateway lamp could extend the range significantly and cover entire house with 1 or 2 lamps like this.

The dedicated yeelight component

model id bslamp1 seems not to support this anyhow. The platform mitemp_bt doesn’t support it either.

Any clues or hints?


The bluetooth gateway of the lamp isn’t exposed by API right now. The values are available via the mi cloud only. You could build your own bluetooth gateway with an ESP32 f.e.

Thanks for the reply. I decided to go with a USB Bluetooth dongle, but it won’t cover the entire house because of the low BT range, thus this ESP gateway may become handy in the future.

Have there been any update or plans on the BLE Gateway API from Xiaomi?

Any update in 2020?

+1 for this
I’ve got two of these sensors coming and while one will definitely be in range I’m worried the other won’t because of where the Rpi sits. If I could tap into the Yeelight data it would be perfect