Supported install method where I can also run piHole on same device?

I’ve got HA installed now and have been exploring some addons, integrations and automations. I’d like to upgrade my setup and have more data analysis capabilities while also slimming down on devices. I’m trying to migrate from a RPi3 install of HA on an SD card AND a PiHole install on an RPi Zero W to an RPi4 with an SSD to store all my system data safely. I will be adding InfluxDB and Grafana to help out in understanding some weather/climate dynamics. Basic goals:

  • HA is easy to maintain

  • Capture historical data for analysis and visualization

  • Run PiHole and HA on same device

I am wondering if this can be done with an officially supported installation method. It seems like the Influx and Grafana are something that HA can setup and run for me via an addon, but PiHole is only available via an integration. It seems that the HA Supervised on generic linux was the method that could accomplish this, but that seems to be on the way out, if not already (can’t tell). So…is there a way to use the HA OS and run PiHole on the same device and have it be supported?

I did some digging and found that there was a PiHole addon but it has been depricated and folks are pointed to Adguard Home. I am unfamiliar with AdGuard but I want to keep the consistent architecture with HA - local control.

Hoping to get some insights here. Thanks!

Just use the standard containers for everything.
My installation is a directory called „smarthome“ that contains a sub directory for every piece like ha, pinhole,influxdb etc that contains the respective docker-compose.yaml and a data directory to save persistent volume data.

thanks, @bernhard. I was starting down the docker path with the IOTstack ( ) setup, which seemed to make this nice…but I was told in the HA discord that this was not a supported method, as it mixed docker and Supervisor (which the IOTstack folks seem to have made available via docker).

I can’t find a lot of info on docker version of HA, but it sounds kind of tedious for managing the different components AND that the supported method does not include supervisor/addons. Perhaps you have a different experience?

Addons are more or less docker containers.
What do you think you’d miss?

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No, it isn’t. The deprecatiom has been taken back and Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 10 is now an officially supported install method.

As bernhard already said, add-ons are just docker containers modified to interact nicely with the HA ecosystem (which I think is contradicting with containerization in general, as docker containers should be isolated from the host/other containers, which is not the case with Supervised/Hass OS). You can take a look at my repo to find some information about an install that uses the Docker way.

There’s not a lot of maintenance in my experience. A container can easily be upgraded, rolled back to a lower version etc.


Just because HA dev team decided to deprecate the pi-hole add-on, doesn’t mean it is not supported anymore, there is even an official integration for pi-hole, just no add-on.
And it’s definitely not a crap app only because the add-on got deprecated.

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Deprecated not depreciated :slight_smile: and pi-hole has not been deprecated, only the add-on for Home Assistant has been deprecated. That’s absolutely not the same thing.
And I don’t care about add-ons, I don’t use Supervised install/Home Assistant OS, pi-hole runs on a separate Pi with other network related stuff.

Same old story, I hear this phrase almost daily “I’ve been doing xy for over z years”. Just because someone has been doing something for a long time, doesn’t mean that he’s good at doing it. But hey, don’t let my 3+ years of Home Assistant fool ya :wink:

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