Supported Universal Bluetooth Remote to control Bluetooth devices

Hello Guys

In the past years, I am controlling all my Infrared devices using the amazing broadlink IR blaster and its been working well with home assistant. BUT as technology is advancing most home devices are getting controlled by bluetooth remote controls and as a results its moving them off my home assistant ecosystem.
Today, I have multiple devices controlled by bluetooth remote controls such as: TV, bose home theater smart lock, blinds etc… and these devices dont have integrations with HA.

Do you recommend a hub thats compatible with home assistant that can replace the bluetooth remote controls ?

any idea ?

Hello guys, Any Idea?

any ideas?

Problem is : IR is standardized ( there is not much you can do with a light flickering), but Bluetooth is a mess. Every manufacturer of Bluetooth remote controls invents it own protocol, and documentation is nowhere to be found.

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Francis is correct.
As far as I know there is no “universal bluetooth remote” thing on the market.

RF 433MHz: OK

thanks gents,
It looks my quickest and most reliable option so far to trigger the bluetooth command is by sticking a switchbot to the remote