Suppress logging of motion sensor

A motion sensor in a central hallway is flooding the HA logs. Can anyone tell me the correct logger designation for this sensor so that it might be excluded?

I’ve tried the following in configuration.yaml, but the sensor is still logging:

  default: info
    homeassistant.components.binary_sensor.motion_sensor: warn

There doesn’t seem to be a parent integration or device for the sensor-- at least not one that displays in the Lovelace UI – I assume because the alarm system (of which the motion sensor is a part) is connected via USB?

I had searched the forum for an answer, but no joy.


I think you want to add an exclusion here, not logger:

Logger is the home assistant system log with warnings and errors.

Logbook is a list of state history.

Well thank you, I was completely unaware of the logging duo and the distinction between them.

Adding a logbook parameter to the configuration appears to have silenced the motion_sensor:


Thanks much Tom for your quick assistance!

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