Sure Petcare - show amounts remaining and eaten for feeders

I am able to extract the target weight, and amount remaining from the feeder attributes, but I would also like to show how much has been eaten each day. I notice the HACS integration has the feeder information available, but the HA integration does not, so I am currently running both. However, the weight and change information is so far down, I cannot easily access it for use in calculations:

{% set x = state_attr(‘sensor.feeder_???_feeder’,‘lunch’) %}
{{ x }}

{‘from’: ‘2022-05-11T11:51:41+00:00’, ‘to’: ‘2022-05-11T11:54:24+00:00’, ‘duration’: 163, ‘context’: 1, ‘bowl_count’: 1, ‘device_id’: ???, ‘weights’: [{‘index’: 0, ‘weight’: 35.65, ‘change’: -10.47, ‘food_type_id’: 2, ‘target_weight’: 50}]}

Any chance this can be added to the HA Integration, and made easier to access?

Would also love to see Feeder detail into the HA Integration.

Gotcha, can i ask which other integration you’re using to see the feeder detail. I couldn’t see it in SureHA on HACS. But maybe i’m looking at the wrong thing.
Many Thanks