Surprise after installing AdGuard in Home Assistant

Recently got my entire installation moved from a RPi 4 to a dedicated server. And to no surprise the wife was happy with the improved snappiness of the setup. But me being me, i decided to take things up a notch and install AdGuard as a new container from within Supervisor. After a while things started really picking up with the network speed and all is well. Until i started looking at the logs and i noticed a repeat query. “” And it shows that its being requested by the Home Assistant server. Upon looking up any documentation that i can find it looks like a paid key is required for this service of which i do not have. The logs show it being requested every minute or so, and i really don’t think that’s necessary. Is there a way to make this a once a day thing or at least a way to disable this feature?

Did you add HaveIBeenPwned to your configuration?

HaveIBeenPwned - Home Assistant

Documentation states a paid key is required

Right, and that’s what i read as well. But no, my configuration has no mention of the HIBP website

Checked my logs here. No hits on the API