Svg won't open in panel - RESOLVED

Hi all, a little assistance needed if anyone can help…

  • followed all the basic steps on floorplan and had the demo working well
  • built and mapped my own SVG to entities, changed floorplan.yaml entities but kept css file the same (entities grouped in same groups as demo)
  • my svg won’t load in panel at all. loading spinner, no image on any browser despite the usual cache clearances and refreshes.
    I have:
    javascript_version: latest
    • /local/custom_ui/state-card-floorplan.html

In my config as well. I’ve read through a lot of previous posts and that was a key culprit. One of the other common suggestions is to browse to the file location:
MYDOMAIN:8123/local/custom_ui/floorplan/floorplan.svg to check the actual svg loads, which interestingly it doesn’t but neither does the demo svg. For good measure I threw a lovely .jpg of a penguin in the directory which won’t allow me to open using the url either. Could this indicate an issue in security/file structure? I’ve noted various issues that could be related to that, unable to add a picture card based on an http or said penguin image stored locally. Maybe HA can’t read files in my directories??
I’m running on an RPI3 and use Samba fine to browse to files and update yaml.
I’ve rebooted RPI and HA itself various times during trouble shooting so that shouldn’t be the issue

Small update - the floorplan.yaml file is fine as if I use that in its current state (eg with my entities) but point it at the demo svg it loads albeit with no functionality of course. My svg is pretty basic but I must have missed something…
Created basic grey rectangles for rooms in approx proportion, used svg images of light bulbs 1 per room, changed the id of these in properties to match entities for the ones that are smart bulbs… didn’t mess around with any other properties or layers or any of that. Was I meant to?? As far as I understood the only bit that has any impact is adding the entity names into the id for each svg image and the rest was presentation only

Ok, RESOLVED!! :grin:
This was an issue with my floorplan.svg, still not sure what it was but I’d initially created in inkscape from scratch. Ended up rebuilding in SweetHome3D and then importing the svg into Inkscape to assign the ID for each entity and it works fine now.
Pain in the **** having to redo the floorplan but I actually think SweetHome is better for a none “artsy” person to work in and the graphics certainly look better with the 3D rendering etc. Plus their site seems to have links to a lot more svg icons for the lights/switches various other entities. So now I’m all working its time to make put some work into the presentation then once that’s done I can work on the picture.entity card side of things. I’ve already mapped an entity onto the main light in the living room and it was reasonably straight forward.
Aware this has now turned into a blog but hope it helps someone else at some point!