Swap Raspberry Pi RPi Power Status colours on History

The RPi Power status is currently shown as RED for OK and GREEN for Problem. This is the opposite as one would expect. Could those perhaps be swapped?

I know it may sound as a small problem and I realise that some may have come accostumed to those colours. So perhaps add an option for colour style e.g. legacy/swapped?

I have tried to look for posts in the forum but haven’t found any. If there are please point me to them.

I am using Home Assistant Version 2020.12.7 running on Home Assistant OS 5.10. Hardware is Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB

This is my first post on this forum, so I apologise if I am not posting up to standard. Please feel free to PM me with any help on making a better post

Hi Bro,
I have had this issue too, Have you had the solution for this issue, I tried to change the device_class state of the problem to on but nothing changed. Hope to hear your advice if you solved it!
Thank you!

Unfortunately not yet. I will update, when and if it happens!

Thank You for enquiring!