Swapping cc2531 for cc2531 with antenna

I have an awesome setup of Hassio, with a Raspberry PI 3b, CC2531, Hue motion sensor and Hue light bulbs. I am occasionally having the lights not turning off or on when the should switch. I figured it is distance, so I picked up another cc2531 with a port for an antenna. Flashed the new CC2531. Plugging it into the RPi, it’s detected and can see the motion sensors but trying to toggle the lights it fails with “Error: Data request failed with error: ‘No network route’ (205))’” This is also the same error I see when the original cc2531 randomly can’t switch lights off or on.

I’m not sure how to proceed as I’m fairly knew to Home Assistant. I am wondering if either the CC2531 is bunk and sending is hooped or if there is some pairing voodoo I need to do?



Force remove the device from zigbee2mqtt, then pair it again.

It didn’t work. At this point, I think the cc2531 I bought doesn’t send but only can receive.

Switching from one cc2531 to another can be a pain. They don’t always cooperate, probably because zigbee2mqtt remembers the IEEE address from the first one.