Switch as X disappearing?

Has anyone else experienced any of their Switch as Light entities randomly disappearing? Every once in a while I noticed Entity not found in my dashboards resulting in me having to recreate the Switch as Light helper.

That means your entity is disappearing or being renamed. (the source). Fix that, and your switch as X will stop acting finicky.

Would a dead Z-Wave node cause this issue? If this is the case, is there any way to re-establish the switch as light automatically when the node is alive again?


I’m not sure, yes if switch as X has a reload service.

You should fix the zwave node going dead. That should not happen.

Got it. In my case, if a breaker trips, this would cause the dead nodes. But you’re right, I should fix that. However, it would be nice if switch as x has a reload service. Would this be a feature request?

Yep, feature request

Yep, this is definetely and issue. So I was working on updating my UZB1 Z-Wave adapter and when I disconnected it from my Pi for for some time for a firmware update, I noticed that after I reconnected it, all of my Switch as X helpers were gone! Even though the switches were back, the light entities never restored. I’m now having to re-created them one by one. I may now have to revert back to the old yaml method of converting switches to light entites!


Also, it seems that dimmers are detected in as lights by default in Home Assistant. What Z-Wave value determines that? Is it possible to set a config parameter vi Z-Wave JS UI to make switches appear as lights?

No, dimmers are determined by the command classes a physical device provides to zwave JS. If you want to make switches appear as lights, use switch as x integration.

Otherwise, just use them as switches.