Switch Entity/State_Color: True for Button Card

according changes in release 105

I tried to use this to change my icon yellow, if active:

entity: switch.gelbmuell
state_color: true
  action: more-info
icon: 'mdi:trash-can-outline'
icon_height: 30px
name: Gelbmüll
show_icon: true
show_name: true
  action: toggle
type: button

I tried this already at several positions within the code and with several REBOOTs of course.
Has anyone please an explanation, why this doesn’t work?

How can I get the TRASH CAN changes to yellow?

[The function should be a simple manual switch, that will be set ON by i.e. me or my wife and we have to reset the state, after we brought the Trash Can to s
for the garbage collection.]