Switch for 1 or more phases with power measurement

I’m hoping someone here know just the right piece of hardware that will solve my endless search :slight_smile:

In the near future I’m going to build a new house, and I of course want to integrate as much home automation as possible from the beginning. My end goal is to log data from more or less everything. I want to be able to log energy measurements from every outlet in the house, and also switch them on or off.

The issue is that I want a traditional electrical installation in parallel with the home automation. By this I mean I want to be able to switch the light on and off from a wall switch, independent of home automation working or not. In case of a total failure the light switches must be operable.

The requirements are:

  • Switch min. 10A, ideally 13A or 16A
  • Measure live power at least every 5 seconds (x imp/kWh cannot be used)
  • External toggle must be possible, even if HA is dead
  • Must be DIN rail mountable

The Sonoff POW R2 can (with a slight modification) fulfill the above requirements, but I don’t fully trust their certifications or bet my and rest of my family’s lives on it.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated :smile:

All of the zwave switches / dimmers allow local control even if the system is down. Quite a bit more expensive than Sonoff though and ideally you should have a a neutral wired to the light switches.

Got links to any specific ones? The ones I’ve found can only handle up to 8A.

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Seems like there isn’t a DIN option, unless you fabricate something yourself.

For handling mains power up to a couple of kW, I’d prefer to a “ready to use” product.

Apologies. I missed the DIN rail mount requirement.

No worries. It seems difficult to find a DIN-mountable switch, for some reason.

No one else? Aww :frowning: