Switch : handling multiple press (tap ?)

Hi there,

New to hass, I’m playing with all the devices connected in the house.
We have a lot of hue lights and dimmer-switch, and one thing i was looking for was multiple tap.

on the dimmer-switch, on the hue app, we have an option called multiple taps

  • tap 1 time : switch light group to last state
  • tap 2 times : switch light group to scene A
  • tap 3 times : switch light group to scene B
  • tap 4 times : switch light group to scene C

I’m not an english native, so searching on the forum was difficult : multiple taps, multiple press, switch ? well I decided to ask what is one way to do that ?

I’m thinking of a custom module similar to https://github.com/Burningstone91/Hue_Dimmer_Deconz
Any idea / pointers to investigate will be appreciate :slight_smile:


Here is the appdaemon app I’ve created to do so : https://github.com/martintamare/appdaemon-deconz-hue-dimmer-enhanced

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