Switchbot - cant get it to work

Hey folks

Im running Hassio 0.82.1 on a Pi and don’t seem to be able to get Switchbot to work.

I’m seeing this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/homeassistant/helpers/service.py”, line 224, in _handle_service_platform_call
await getattr(entity, func)(**data)
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/concurrent/futures/thread.py”, line 56, in run
result = self.fn(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/homeassistant/components/switch/switchbot.py”, line 47, in turn_on
if self._device.turn_on():
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/switchbot/init.py”, line 39, in turn_on
return self._sendpacket(ON_KEY)
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/switchbot/init.py”, line 25, in _sendpacket
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/bluepy/btle.py”, line 353, in init
self._connect(deviceAddr, addrType, iface)
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/bluepy/btle.py”, line 385, in _connect
raise ValueError(“Expected MAC address, got %s” % repr(addr))
ValueError: Expected MAC address, got ‘e4:4b:98:8e:83’

Anyone got any ideas? Sorry if it’s something obvious!

Your mac address appears to be too short, I believe there should be six pairs, not five.

DOH! Two sets are repeated and I didn’t notice. Thanks for the pointer!

Hi @CharlieMck how you getting on with switchbot? Where do you normally use it and is it easy to integrate it with HA?

I have read when the switchbot is used eith HA there is a lag of 30seconds before the switch actually toggles on or off.

Is that correct?