Switchbot curtain through Shelly 1pm BLE proxy

I have been using two switchbot curtains for a pretty long time now. And they work very well. They are about 3 mtr apart from the HA BLE module so the range is just fine.

Now I have bought 4 new swtichbot devices (ibood.com deal) to automate a few other curtains too. Now they are apart 15mtr or so without a clear line of sight. So I didn’t expect it to work without a repeater.
Within 2mtr I have a Shelly 1pm and they are able to serve as a BLE extender. But for some reason I can’t get it to work.

The Swtichbot’s do work with the iOS app, have been upgraded to the latest version of the FW (6.0).
The Shelly 1PM has FW 0.14 and is the most recent.
I’m using HA 2023.4.4 (released just today).

The switchbot devices do get discovered, but I cannot control them. They just don’t respond to any input from HA, for the iOS as mentioned above it works fine.

Config of the Shelly 1pm in HA:


The Shelly settings itself:


Pretty much surprised to see the name to be alishelly_ble_integration since i’m not using aioshelly but the official integration.

Is there something I missed? Is there a way to debug something?

Right, the Shelly 1pm doesn’t seem to support Active conenctions. And I think that is needed for the switchbot’s to operate.

I have now bought a FSC-BP119 which is a long range bluetooth dongle, let’s see if that improves the connection a bit.

the bluetooth signal is -60dB for the nonworking devices.

Same setup and same issue. Looks like a bug?

seems like it’s just not possible with Shelly’s for some reason? Shelly Plus 1PM as Bluetooth Gateway and SwitchBot · Issue #86244 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Yes , correct. I edited my opening post with the same info. It doesn’t support active connections. It’s a pitty, but its what it is. I invested in a long range BLE adapter.

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I’m guessing this is just something that Shelly COULD implement but hasn’t? or would there be a hardware reason for not having this feature?

your guess is as good as mine. I believe the Shelly Gen2 devices are based on ESP32 which support active connections like BLE tracker does, also based on ESP32. The Gen1 are based on the older modules without BLE.

So yes, I assume your guess is correct.