Switchbot integration problems

Have I missed something with SwitchBot?

I currently have a limited version working for me via SmartThings, but I’m trying to move everything from my various routers (eg SmartThings, Google & Alexa) and in to Home Assistant itself. So, I haven’t YET removed SB from my SmartThings - I wanted to add it to HA first. So I went to the Integrations page and added the SB ‘Integration’. It claimed it couldn’t find any SB devices on the network. So I found my SB light bulb from the main router and copied it’s IP. I then re-added the SB integration and this time I pasted the light’s IP in to the ‘host’ option.

Still nothing.

I then tried going to the help pages and clicking the ‘Add Integration’ button which then returns me to my local copy of HA and automatically adds it all… Still nothing.

It just keeps claiming there are no SB devices anywhere. I get no “fill in your own info” type prompts - it just says it can’t find any devices, and then closes.

Any ideas, please?