SwitchBot loose connection with Bluetooth

Good morning everyone.

I’ve been testing Home Assistant OS on Raspberry Pi3 for a few months. Today I configured (Always with HomeAssistant OS) an Asus PN41, to which I attached a zigbee dongle (Sonoff, on this device no problem) and a Bluetooth dongle (Ugreen), both with 1-meter extensions so as not to have interference problems.

In the first phase, HA immediately recognized the BOT, but after a few minutes, it became unreachable (from the logs: the device became unavailable).

I thought the problem was my Rpi3, but obviously I was wrong.

If it can be useful, the BOT switchbot is attached to a video intercom, can there be interference problems?

I don’t know where to bang my head anymore, does anyone have any kind of advice? 🥹