Switching Sonoff Touch (Tasmota) on/off without acutually anything happening

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I have a sonoff Touch (1 Button) Runing tasmota
And a TP-LINK B100 Bulb

The bulb is added in home assistant

And I have the sonoff switch in-place of the switch that turns the bulb on/off

But … The bulb is smart so it dosen’t need a smart switch
But I put the switch there in case someone wanted to use a switch and not just voice control or phone control

The problem is When someone turns the switch off that also turns the bulb completly off

And that disables all the automations I set for the bulb

So is there a way to make the tasmota sonoff touch
be turned on/off without truning the bulb on/off with it

Instead I’d make that an automation in Home Assistant


Disconnect the bulb from the sonoff relay. Connect the bulb to always be powered but also leave the sonoff connected to power.

Write an automation that toggles the bulb state when the sonoff touch button is pressed.

Alternatively, leave it wired as is and issue the following command in the tasmota console for the device:

PowerOnState 4

This turns the relay on and disables further relay control. You then have to use the same automation I mentioned above to control the light when the touch sensor is touched.