Synchronize data between Blynk and HA

I have like countdown in Blynk and I want to show it is value in HA dashboard as Gauge or Slider.
I did a command_line sensor and I get the value at HA side e.g [“10”]. How to change Gauge according to the incoming value?
I try this but it does not work, i will appreciate any help.
- platform: state
entity_id: sensor.nod_slider
condition: []
- service: input_number.set_value
entity_id: input_number.slidr
value: {{ states(‘sensor.nod_slider’) | int }}
mode: single

I use: {{ value | replace(’"’,’’) | replace("[","") | replace("]","") | int }} then the result become 10 instead of [“10”] and I have got what I need.
Thanx to marvins.

Hi Abzaatzri,

I’m interested to. Have you figure it out?

Thx in advance


Yes, it is done