Synchronize/standardizing Icons

Not sure who decides the icons that will be used, but each component/integration seems to have their own standard. Would there be some way in the future to have recommended icons (e.g. Temperature, Moisture, Speed, etc) instead?
Case in point, I have the following components, each of them have a different icon for triggeted/untriggered states of the motion sensors

Seems the only way around this is to create a templates sensor for each and every motion sensor, just to have all using the same icon. Bit of an overkill, seeing that I can’t just use an icon_template on the customization.yaml
Is this something the Lovelace UI can perhaps make it easier for me to do (if not now, in the future)?

As I understand it, material design icons are the standard. There’s even documentation supporting mdi icon categorization in HA. Are you suggesting expanding the icon stack to increase specificity, like a unique icon for hue?

NO I mean using the same icon (by default) for the same kind of sensor
E.g. temperature should by default always be a thermostat icon
If i have a group of sensors (e.g. alarm system) by looking at the icons, it is sometimes not obvious which is what. Some change colour when triggered, others change icon, etc. So grouping them together, they are all motion sensors, yet i have like 5 different icons, and each of those have different behaviours.

Simple example, Sensor Type A has the following icons per state:
off = [mdi:run]
on = [mdi:run-fast]

Sensor Type B has
off = [mdi:walk]
on = [mdi:run]

Sensor Type C has
off = [mdi:checkbox-blank-circle-outline]
on = [mdi:checkbox-marked-circle]

Sa A’s Off icon is the same as B’s On icon
C has a completely different set that makes no sense

Yet all 3 of those are motion sensors (i.e. binary PIR sensors), there seems to be no standard when adding more components to the components list. My request is to set up a standard/recommendation especially when you get folks like myself that mix and matches existing components and integrate them.
Sure, I understand, you can’t do that for each and every component metric, however HASS is already grouping them in the component list, at least have a set of recommended icons per grouping, and if the developer has a specific metric that isn’t listed there, so be it, he/she uses their initiative on which icon to use, and perhaps make a suggestion to add that new metric.

Yes exactly that, a bit more expanded, but exactly what I would’ve thought dev’s would follow