Syncthing Addon


Syncthing wrapped inside a Homeassistant supervisor addon.

Syncthing is a continuous file synchronization program. It synchronizes files between two or more computers in real time, safely protected from prying eyes. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, whether it is shared with some third party, and how it’s transmitted over the internet.

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To the Addon: Hassio-Addons/syncthing at master · Poeschl/Hassio-Addons · GitHub

If issues occur please use the GitHub issue board, since I’m only on the community forum from time to time.



Excited to see this Syncthing add-on for HA, so thanks for that. A quick question from a relative newbie…

When using this addon to permanently hold your data, put the synced folder inside /data. Otherwise it will be deleted on container restart.

So if I want to hold, say, my music on an external SSD plugged into the USB of the pi hosting HA (and sync to other syncthing devices), is this even possible? - do I need to create a shortcut folder under /data pointing to my SSD music folder? Or am I misunderstanding completely?

Many thanks again. I hope my use-case is feasible and I can get this working.

Syncing the data of the Home Assistant addon to other devices is possible. Right now only the folders described on the addon Readme are mapped into the addon.

So if you create an link in, for example, /media which points to your external drive syncthing should be able to sync this folder.

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I have installed the addon and it works great - is is possible to connect the locally run addon with the syncting HA integration? Tried all the possibel ip-addresses I can think of. The integration works well with other machines in my network.

Many thanks!

Have you tried to use 243ffc37-syncthing as host for the integration?

You mean like this? It didn’t work…

The addon has the three ports of the conig exposed on this internal domain.
Since I don’t really know what is used by the integration, maybe I missed a port for the api in the config.
Will add an issue on the repository, to check it out.

Many thanks, and many thanks for your quick replies!


Saw that you marked the open issue as complete, however could not get it working - does it work for you?

Uh, that might be a mistake, reopening it.

I Have the same problem.

Hey Markus, thank you very much for bringing Syncthing to HA.

I am having an issue, once I create a GUI password, I can no longer access the web interface. Have you seen this issue before?


I am having a different problem- almost definitely because I don’t understand linux.

I have shared a folder with my home assistant instance running on a pi4 from my windows desktop.
I create a local folder to share the desktop folder to (which syncthing tells me is ~/wmoaw-xfdne)

But I cannot find this folder- it is not at /root/wmoaw-xfdne as this doesn’t exist.
Where is it? [Sorry!]

Can anyone help?

The Syncthing addon has its own file system and in case of the Syncthing addon, in case of the Syncthing Addon the default folders are mounted

For example when you are create a folder in syncthing (rpi) at /share/my-folder you will see it in your Home Assistant /share/my-folder folder.
When you create a folder at /my-folder it will only exist inside the addon environment and not on your rpi file system.

Thankyou! That’s really helpful.
So, according to the linked document, if I create the folder at /data/folder it will be permanent and I can access it there using a Samba share?

I’m going to be one-way download-only syncing a 35 gb archive so
1/ need it to be permanent and accessible
2/ don’t want it to be backup up by my routine backups to google drive

I have problem with using Syncthing AddOn. I’m syncthing my work folder (90gb) between 2 computers and HA which is also my NAS and Multimedia server (plex addons and so on).
After installing and configuring this addon (syncthing) backup cant be done (it’s in progress from eg. 8h).
In syncthing addon I’m keeping my data in /data folder. Is there any option to exclude this folder from full backup?