Synology Second Camera

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Hi all,

I’m having trouble adding a second camera in the GUI. Both cams look fine in Synology Surveillance Center, but the second one is not showing up in the GUI. First one shows up fine.

Any ideas?



Try adding verify_ssl: False. Below is what I have and all my cameras from Surveillance Station are visible.

- platform: synology
  url: !secret camera_url
  username: !secret camera_username
  password: !secret camera_password
  verify_ssl: False

Does it appear in the home page of the GUI ?
Navigate to State -> and check if there is camera component being defined there.

Wow, I can’t believe I made such a newbie error after working with HASS for almost 2 years. It turns out I had a typo in groups.yaml initially and then started editing a groups.yaml in a backup directory.

Problem solved!

Thanks all for the quick responses!

Glad you got that fixed.
If you have two Synology Survelliance station running on different servers, you may consider use the CMS add-on which made one server sync all the recording to another server. On HASS, you just need to define the master synology camera server.