Synology VMM & Hassio disk usage


I am running Hassio on a Virtual Machine on a Synology NAS and noticed some load issues today.
According to my Synology VMM my virtual disk (48Gb) was 99.8% full.
After extending disk size I got HA to start again, but taking up an additional 3Gb.

Now comes the mystery…
According to Synology, my Hassio takes 51Gb

According to the Supervisor, HA uses <17% (16Gb) of Disk Space

Anyone knows where those 35 Gb went to? (only a couple backups on disk, so it’s not that)

I have the same symptoms, VMM reports almost full disk usage while Glances in ha shows 30% usage… Anyone has found the reason for this?

also looking for a solution! anyone?

Resurrecting this. I have the same problem.

I moved away from the VM approach (to Docker container) quite some time ago, but I think it could have been linked to the Synology’s VMM storage management.
If my memory serves, there is an option “Claim free space” in the VM’s settings that is unchecked by default. Meybe that’s the way?

To re-iterate on this: Same problem here. Storage claimed by VMM is way about 20 GB but HAOS only sees around half of it. “Claim free space” is checked so I have no idea what I can do about or check.

Same problem. HAOS only sees 4 GB out of the 32 GB available on my VM (Virtual Machine Manager).
someone found a solution ?