Syntax for positioning of Homematic IP covers

Dear all,
I want to create a simple automation for my Homematic IP covers, but I’m stuck with the action: for some reason I cannot select the position since the slider is greyed out:
Anmerkung 2020-06-05 165016
When I switch to YAML it says

device_id: xx
domain: cover
entity_id: cover.balkontur_nord
type: set_position

What’s the correct syntax here?
set_position: 100
current_position: 100
and variantions didn’t work so far (btw “current_position” I copied from a working scene).

What does work is to use a scene as action, but I don’t want to create a scene for every automation…

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m pretty new to Home Assistant and especially YAML, but I’m eager to learn :slight_smile:



try to add position: 0
or position: 100 to the yaml:

device_id: xx
domain: cover
entity_id: cover.balkontur_nord
type: set_position
position: 100

Switching back to the UI you should have a working slider.

Thanks mobaer,
this indeed worked nicely!
Meanwhile I found a workaround: instead of using “Device” as action, I used “Call service” and “cover.set_cover_position”. But what’s the difference and are there any advantages of one or the other?

Hi foramin1,
I’m sorry I don’t know if there’s a difference between the service and the device in this case. My guess is that both do the same here. My understanding is, that deveices have more generic options (on/off, open/close), whereas services have more specific options, that most devices don’t have (set colour, get battery level and so on). Still not sure if my understanding is correct here…