System broken after Update to 2021.6.1

Hi - I am totally shocked. After upgrading, my system ist totally broken. Anyone else facing these problems?

After SSH Login it shows [email protected]: failed

Did you read the breaking changes in the release notes and fix any that applied to your system before updating?

To get up and running again quickly you could restore the snapshot you made before updating, assuming you are running HAOS.

Can you clarify this? Core and SSH are two completely separate things so updating Core can’t break SSH.

If you’re saying that after update you can no longer ssh into the machine then something else has gone wrong. I would probably start by restarting the host in that case and see if that clears it up. If not then see if you can at least get to the host terminal if you plug in a monitor in a keyboard. If so try to find the logs you can get to (system journal, docker logs, etc.) to see if they have insight. If you can’t even get to the host terminal then you might have something more fundamental like an SD card failure.

If you’re saying after you SSH in you are seeing failed somewhere (like in the log?) then please provide more context about where you saw that and what failed so people can help.

Thank you for the quick replies! To clarify please find more details below.

sdhc card 1 which was updated:
After sudo reboot there was no way to connect to home assistant (installed on virtual environment). Also ssh connect was impossible. The card can also no more be read on my mac. Even apple pie baker can not access the card. It will be recognized, but can not be accessed. Attached to my TV via hdmi it shows, root access is locked.

sdhc card 2 with a backup from march 2021 is still working. After updating to 2021.6.1 nearly the same: No more access to home-assistant. BUT: ssh connect ist possible. After logging in there appears "Services: [email protected] failed.
This card can also be accessed on my mac.