System monitor integration with over 800 hidden entities?

Synology DS720+ NAS with HA VM

  • Core 2024.1.6
  • Supervisor 2023.12.1
  • Operating System 11.4
  • Frontend 20240104.0

With the January update I deleted the configuration for the system monitor from the configuration.yaml and now use the system monitor integration via WebGUI. With the new system monitor integration there are now over 800 hidden entities.


Most of them are entities for any network interfaces (IPv4 and IPv6) and the associated sensors.


OK, they are all hidden entities, but still this can’t be normal? :thinking:

There’s actually nothing special about the network settings

and there is actually nothing special when configuring the Home Assistant VM under the Synology VMM. Everything is as usual and set correctly with default VM Network

I couldn’t find a similar post about the problem here either.

Unfortunately I have no idea what exactly the problem is and how I can get rid of these hundreds of hidden entities. :thinking:

OK, the problem was solved by deleting the system monitor integration and then reinstalling it. Now, even after rebooting the host, there are only 76 entities left and that’s fine for now.

mmmm and oeps… i see 2087 entities, i can upload the same pictures.
I am running a Yellow

Did you previously also integrate the “old” system monitor via configuration.yaml? If so, you also probably encountered some errors/problems when transferring to the WebGUI system monitor.

Yes i did. But is it a bug or simple delete and reinstall? (thats why i respond) may by more users have this problem but just like me never look at it…